Fish-Flavored Baseball Bat

It's a John Cleese reference.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Acquaintance Shouldn't Be Forgot

Tonight at 8:00, Dad's Garage will be putting on their traditional New Year's Eve show (complete with the twice-yearly "Pants/No Pants" game)...however, this year's show is extra-special (in a sad kinda way), as it will mark the final appearance by Travis Sharp as an ensemble member. Travis recently landed his dream job, and will soon be moving to New York, so tonight's show will bid him a fair fondwell.

So long, Travis, and thanks for all the memorable characters you gave us during your run at Dad's...Baron Üterrüs, The Pope, Gortex the Klingon, Jerry Clower, Dr. Corky Howser, Yohan Yodeler, Strom Thurmond, Hoss Hardacre, and of course, the dreaded Mean Aunt Biscuit. May they all ride off into the sunset on a little bike.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Mad Thinker's Master Meme

As instigated by Brandon, here we see just how far in advance the Mad Thinker plans:

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sad Tidings

Unfortunately, this morning also brought some very sad news. In memory of the Godfather of Soul, I'm posting both a classic performance...

...and The Tom Tom Club's song paying tribute to him (and many other greats).

Glad Tidings

It may be a cliche, but I have to observe the day with my all-time favorite Christmas performance:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Anyone Ever Heard This? Anyone?

One of my favorite novelty Christmas songs is one I heard years ago on The Rev. Susie the Floozy's radio show, Bob's Slacktime Funhouse, on Georgia Tech's WREK station. However, in all that time, I've never been able to find out who did the song...nor have I ever encountered anybody (apart from Rev. Susie herself) who's ever heard it. Here, then, for your edification (digs out old cassette tape to transcribe lyrics)..."Christmas Ameoba."

(To the tune of "O Come All Ye Faithful," obviously.)

O come, all ye formless,
Myriad and tiny,
You split personalities
That mu-u-ultiply.
Split into millions,
Serve no useful function,
With pseudopod mitosis,
And minuscule neurosis,
Too simple for psychosis,
Split and be free.
Come, have a plateful,
We ordered a crateful,
We knew you'd be grateful,
We knew you'd be here.
Cranberry sauce,
The recipe was lost,
And will you say the blessing
Before you eat your dressing?
No, I don't mind confessing
I stuffed it myself.
Yea, Lord, we greet thee,
Honor and defeat thee,
Mimic, repeat thee
The best that we can.
Glory is God,
I know that that sounds odd,
But consider our position,
Our complex inhibitions,
That strange eruditon,
The mind of Man.
Christmas amoeba,
One will fill your stocking
If it is watertight
And if you don't mind.
Mind over matter
Makes a protozoan,
Benide cite cilia,
Agape, eros, philia,
And if I ask ya, will ya
Under the tree?

(Having little grasp of Latin, I'm unsure about that closing verse; phonetically, it went: "Beh-NEE-day SEE-tay SILL-ya," so I hope I've managed an approximation of it.)

The most astounding thing to me is that, when I searched for information on this song, I did indeed get several search results for "Christmas Amoeba"...but they all pertained to a track on the children's album "Mr. Nicky's Science Project." What are the odds of there being TWO Christmas amoeba songs?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's an Oreo Car That We Drive In

Bringing back traumatic memories of Improv-a-Thons past:

This one's for Sean Daniels and Chris Blair!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Power of Sketchworks Compels You!

From the brilliantly twisted minds at Sketchworks:

Written and directed by Mike Stiles; starring Jen Kelley, Della Cole, Mike Stiles, and Brian Bremer (who's had some previous experience with holiday horror...)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

And Knowing Is Damn Sassy!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Set Your VCRs...

...or TiVo's, if you're more up-to-date than I am. Tomorrow, Friday December 15 at 9:00 PM EST, Jenny Clark of the Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy and the Dad's Garage nonsemble will be featured on The Learning Channel's makeover program What Not To Wear. I was there when they filmed the unveiling of her new look a couple of months ago, and I'm looking forward to seeing the actual program! You go, Jenny!

He Was Uuupah-Duuupah

RIP Peter Boyle.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We Lost Another Great One...

I've just read the sad news that another great comics artist has passed away: Martin Nodell, the creator of Green Lantern. I had met him at a couple of conventions, and he always struck me as a very charming, entertaining guest who loved meeting his fans.

In a previous post, I shared a sketch that Nodell had done for me on the first page of my Golden Age-themed convention sketchbook. The next time I saw Martin Nodell after that, I asked him if he'd do another sketch on the book's final page (though my collection is still a long way from reaching that last page). It only seemed fitting to give him the last word...

Friday, December 08, 2006

26 Years Later...

The messenger has been gone for 26 years, but the message is still as timely as ever...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What I Sang 12-5

This week's offerings (a short list, as I arrived later than usual):

"Little Willy" by The Sweet. (This one was particularly well-received!)
"All Those Years Ago" by George Harrison (which I sang in remembrance of the upcoming anniversary of the tragedy--John Lennon will never be forgotten).