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It's a John Cleese reference.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Acquaintance Shouldn't Be Forgot

Tonight at 8:00, Dad's Garage will be putting on their traditional New Year's Eve show (complete with the twice-yearly "Pants/No Pants" game)...however, this year's show is extra-special (in a sad kinda way), as it will mark the final appearance by Travis Sharp as an ensemble member. Travis recently landed his dream job, and will soon be moving to New York, so tonight's show will bid him a fair fondwell.

So long, Travis, and thanks for all the memorable characters you gave us during your run at Dad's...Baron Üterrüs, The Pope, Gortex the Klingon, Jerry Clower, Dr. Corky Howser, Yohan Yodeler, Strom Thurmond, Hoss Hardacre, and of course, the dreaded Mean Aunt Biscuit. May they all ride off into the sunset on a little bike.


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