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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dial S for Sketch: Grasshopper by Nathan Massengill

Inspired by Siskoid's "Dial H" evaluations (in which he looks back at the various one-shot characters from DC's "Dial H for Hero" and considers their chances of making it as actual recurring DC characters), I've started a new sketchbook to collect different artists' interpretations of these "disposable" characters. At today's Atlanta Comic Con, I got the book started with a piece by Nathan Massengill.
Massengill fondly remembered the '80s "Dial H" series, and he picked out a character he recalled from his youth: Vicki Grant's "Grasshopper" identity from Adventure Comics #479.
(Obviously, when I say that he remembered this character, I don't mean to suggest that he drew it from memory...I brought the Adventure Comics run and the Robby Reed-era "Dial H" Showcase book for reference. Still, I was impressed, and a little relieved, that the first artist I approached for this project was one who's familiar with the series.)

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Musical Monday: Daredevil Sings XTC

The most recent contribution to my Musical Sketchbook, acquired at this year's DragonCon: Thom Zahler (of "Love & Capes") did this great portrait of Daredevil to the tune of XTC's "Senses Working Overtime" (with the numbers modified for accuracy)...

Bonus kudos to Zahler for lettering the caption so dynamically!

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