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It's a John Cleese reference.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This past weekend, Dad's Garage Theatre Company began the new season of their improvised soap-opera SCANDAL! This time around, it's set against the backdrop of the American Revolution (which doesn't stop them from using characters from different eras, such as an immortal Spanish conquistador and a time-traveling high school student). As in past seasons, I've been taking notes and assembling the crazy goings-on into a weekly synopsis (given to the patrons to bring them up to speed on what happened last week). But NOW, I'm also putting them up on a blog, so even people who don't go to Dad's Garage can vicariously experience the madness that is SCANDAL!

(And hey, Blockade Boy! We even managed to work the phrase "killer biker 'stache" into an 18th-century story!)

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At 2:55 PM, Blogger Blockade Boy said...

Wow, I'm touched! (People say that about me all the time.) But seriously, that's pretty awesome! Now, if you could only work in "sweet muttonchops" and "kicky little hat", you'd be my BFF!


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