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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I had just finished writing my last post when I decided to take a look around some of the other comics blogs (as I hadn't had much time to read them over the past couple of days). So, it was only just now that I read the news that Steve Gerber had passed away. I am stunned and deeply saddened.

Steve Gerber has long been one of my favorite comics writers, from Man-Thing and Howard the Duck all the way up to his Doctor Fate stories in Countdown to Mystery...and everything in between. Defenders, Daredevil, Omega the Unknown, Destroyer Duck, Foolkiller, Hard Time, his early-'90s She-Hulk run, even the obscure "Poison" storyline (featuring Mop Man) from Marvel Comics Presents...the list goes on and on.

As noted in Mark Evanier's obituary for Gerber (in the above link), once, at a time when Gerber was persona non grata with Marvel's higher-ups, he had a story published under the anagrammatical pseudonym Reg Everbest.


I've never seen a more fitting alias.

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