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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kids' Jokes for Foolio 10/6

Today's installment of the kids' jokes for Foolio (or should I say "Foolios," considering that Stevie Weasel got infected by the Foolio Virus)...

"Why did the jump-rope go in the jump-rope?"
"Because they want to go 'jump-jump-jump-jump-jump-ja-jump...'" (In honor of this week's visitor, Mr. Jumps.)

"Why did the man get the leg?"
"Because he was asleep on the bed!"

"We want to do a play called 'Foolio and the Death of the Foolio Virus.'"

"Why did the orange roll halfway down the hill?"
"Because it ran out of juice!"

"Why did the banana go fruit?"
"Because it was fruit!"

"What wears lipstick and is a big fat cow?"

"Why did the dad throw the clock out the window?"
"Because he wanted to see time fly!"

"What do clams sing at Christmas?"
"Jingle Shells!"

"Why did the dad throw the dinosaur out the window?"
"Because he wanted to see it bonk its head on the ground!"

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