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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Figure Out What to Do on the Way Down!

Tonight's fighter is a man who tread the boundary between fiction and reality (in more ways than one). A brilliant actor and teacher in one world, a genuine comic book character in another: Del Close. A pioneer of influential member of Second City...inventor of The Harold...and the co-writer of DC's late '80s anthology title Wasteland. And, as seen in that title's autobiographical tales, a man who'd seen more than his share of action. Tonight, he takes all comers!

Del Close vs. a creepy psycho!

Del Close vs. a heckler!

Del Close vs. his cat!

Del Close vs. L. Ron Hubbard!

And finally...
Del Close (tag-teaming with John Ostrander) vs. YOU!

(Let me know how that last bout turns out, won't you?)

(Del may have fought a world-devouring menace in not one but two Blob movies, but he's never squared off against Bahlactus...)

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