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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tom Poston: One Cool Guy

You may have already read the sad news of Tom Poston's passing. I just wanted to share the story of my brief interaction with him, and how impressed I was with him.

Several years ago, I went through an autograph-collecting phase where I wrote to a number of celebrities. When I wrote a fan letter to Tom Poston, not only did he send an autographed photo, but he included a funny note saying "Now you have my picture, but I don't have yours. Is that fair?" It may have been a form letter that he sent to all fans, but I thought it was really cool that he wanted to get to know his audience like that. I did indeed send him a photo of myself.

Shortly afterwards, I found four lobby-cards from the 1962 movie Zotz! at a movie memorabilia store. I sent them to Mr. Poston, and he not only signed them, but he wrote a humorous comment on each one. Now that was cool.

So, farewell to a really classy, friendly man, who was not only appreciated by his audience, but made them feel appreciated as well.



At 6:44 PM, Blogger RAB said...

That's...freaking glorious.

Every single thing I've ever seen or heard or read about the guy indicated that he was funny, classy, and humane as well as being a comedy icon. This just confirms everything I suspected.

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous The Self-Abasement Tapes said...

I hadn't heard. From the Steve Allen Show to Newhart to marrying Suzanne Pleshette, that guy sure knew how to pick 'em. I've never seen Zots! but with Jim Backus and Margaret Dumont in the cast it sounds intriguing.


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