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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Daisey, Daisey

If you're involved with the theatre community at all, you've probably already heard about the Mike Daisey "Invincible Summer" incident...if not, you can read about it on Daisey's website, the American Repertory Theater's site, and John (The Daily Show) Hodgman's blog, among other places--and you can view the incident here. Warning: The video contains strong language. If you are offended by such language, please do not express your distaste by pouring water on your computer.

I can't help but recall a similar (but much milder) incident I experienced at Dad's Garage several years ago. The Neo-Futurists were visiting from Chicago, performing their show "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind." I was working the concessions before the show when a woman came up to me with the "menu" of short plays they'd be performing. She pointed out one of the titles: "Don't F*** with Another Man's Cream Soda" (except that the title was actually spelled out in the program). She said that she'd been told that the show was appropriate for all ages, so she was surprised to see that word. I replied that I didn't know who she had talked to, but I warned her that the show did indeed contain strong language and adult themes. She repeated that she'd been told that it was appropriate, then went inside. Sure enough, very early in the show--just at the start of the play "David Mamet Explains Neo-Futurism" (I think that says it all)--she took her family and left the theater. Not nearly as disruptive, and certainly not as destructive, as what happened with Mike Daisey, but still kindred spirits. I still have to wonder...after she saw the F-bomb in print in the program, and was warned face-to-face about the language, how could she still cling to her "I was told it was appropriate" position?



At 1:45 AM, Blogger rp said...

That's funny. I love that she wouldn't believe that the show had strong language, even though the F Bomb gets dropped in the program. Possible more disruptive: During the run of Madonna Obsessive Support Group at Dad's, a group of (apparently not very experimental) sorority girls walked out, mid-play, and demanded their money back because, get this, the show had two men kissing. And seriously, not even frenching. Just pecking. At any rate, the theater wasn't able to refund all of their money. Only half. Which I guess means that being a bigot will occasionally net you half a refund. Good to know.


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