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Friday, October 20, 2006

Man Is a Giddy Thing, and This Is My Conclusion

I just got back from seeing "Much Ado About Nothing" at PushPush Theater, just in the nick of time (this is its closing weekend). Director Tim Habeger and the entire cast really made the play come alive, with several performers playing multiple roles and bringing every one of them to vivid life. Particular kudos to Justin Welborn as Claudio and Dogberry, Brenda Norbeck as Beatrice and Conrade, and Randy Havens as Benedick and Borachio. Great job all around!

Three reasons for making this post: (1) A genuine shout-out of appreciation to all involved. (2) An excuse to use that quote as the title of a post. (3) The juxtaposition of a Shakespeare-related post in the middle of Cheesecake/Beefcake Appreciation Week.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger maryk said...

you should've seen matt stanton in Justin's roles. He was awesome.
yeah, it was a good show.


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