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Saturday, October 21, 2006

CAW Part 4: More Nura to Love

Although Nura "Dream Girl" Nal has already been saluted over at The Planetary Chance Machine, I won't let that stop me from including her as part of my Cheesecake/ Beefcake Appreciation Week celebration.

In particular, I'd like to recall an often-overlooked moment in Legion history: When Nura reappeared in the Giffen/Bierbaum "five years later" Legion, we learned that she had gained a bit of weight in the interim...but she still had the same attitude and self-confidence, which made her just as sexy as ever.

Not surprisingly, there was some fan backlash about the character being "ruined"...I vaguely recall one letter saying something to the effect that Giffen and the Bierbaums "changed her from Marilyn Monroe to Bette Midler!" In the first place, why would that necessarily be a bad thing? In the second place, a more apt comparison would be that Nura went from being Diana Dors to being Diana Dors.

Of course, when the Legion was rebooted, Nura was restored to her more conventional proportions.

But before that happened, I managed to get Adam Hughes to do a convention sketch of the plus-sized Nura, which I hereby share in the spirit of this week. Let's never forget that, in the hands of a talented artist, good cheesecake can come in all shapes and sizes.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta love Adam Hughes! That's a great Nura sketch!!

I'm with you; I never got why there was so much flack over Nura putting on some weight. My problem wasn't the weight, it was the wrinkles. Nura might not mind some extra pounds, but she sure as hell wouldn't put up with wrinkles!! She'd have only two words, "face tuck"!

And thanks for the shout-out. 'Preciate it!

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Terence Chua said...

The problem I had with the v4 Nura wasn't her weight, but the character assassination common to Tom and Mary Bierbaum's writing. Basically, Nura shows up, now fairly voluptuous, still va-va-voom, and hey, she has to surround herself with gigolos, but that's fine too.

But then she starts basically throwing herself at the now-married Thom Kallor. Here we have the High Seer of Naltor, a woman who appears to be so supremely confident that she can carry off the sexy despite her weight gain, and that's all undermined by her hitting on a married man who doesn't want her anymore, which turns her into just a sad, fat lady carrying a torch for years.

God, I hated v4 for so many reasons, not just what did they did to my beloved Nura.


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