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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This weekend, I was out in the Dunwoody Village shopping center (an area I hadn't been to in a long time), and I was surprised to find that one of my childhood haunts, Versatile Video (where my parents rented tapes before Blockbuster was around), is still in business. I went inside, and was overwhelmed by the shelves chock-full of VHS tapes, some of which even I had never heard of (and if you know me, you know that means it's really obscure). I couldn't believe some of the tapes I saw, and some of the people in them. Orson Welles and Markie Post in the same show? I'm getting that. Detective Vera from Cold Case as a chainsaw-wielding psycho? I'm there. Leif Garrett as a serial killer? I am even more there. It was like going back in time to the '80s. I am definitely going to be giving them my business...and I might even start doing write-ups of some of my discoveries there. (Yeah, like I can keep to a regular posting schedule...)

For those of you outside Atlanta who can't go to Versatile Video, here's a page that might bring back that same rush of nostalgia. Ah, those lurid covers...

Oh, and here's some comics content from one of the tapes at VV. Who's that dead guy?

Why, it's Paul Chadwick! No, the acclaimed creator of Concrete had nothing to do with this movie...the artist who painted the box art was a friend of Paul's, and used Paul as the model. (I remember him mentioning this in an old Comics Journal or Amazing Heroes interview.)



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