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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Didn't Have a Clue, Pretty Much Like You

Dantharr answered my question about "Captain Hero": It came from a short-lived comedy/variety show called "Hot Hero Sandwich."

A YouTube check didn't turn up any of the "Captain Hero" sketches, but somebody has posted the opening credits/theme (lovingly transferred from a very old, poor-quality tape):

Some surprising guest stars there, huh? I was also startled to see some people I recognize in the ensemble...namely, Denny Dillon, Frankie Faison (though Frankie's screen credit gets devoured by a glitch on this clip) and Matt McCoy. I think Matt McCoy must've been the paper-bag-wearing kid (and by "kid," I mean "adult playing a teenager") in the Captain Hero sketch I remembered.

Thanks, Dantharr!

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