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Saturday, July 28, 2007

What I Sang 7-28

Yeah, I know I haven't had time to post this past week (I'm really sorry I missed out on Thursday Night Thinking and Friday Night Fights)...sorry.

I only had time for one song at CB South tonight...a song I chose not only for its own sake, but also because it supplied the title of a great Jaime Hernandez storyline:

"Wigwam Bam" by Sweet.

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At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Chris K said...

Oh, hey, it's the song from "Breakfast on Pluto,"

Thanks for linking to the video; for years I've only known of the song from the Jaime Hernandez story and had never actually heard it. And for some reason when I saw "Breakfast" I didn't make the connection. (I guess I was thinking it was an original song)

The only other Sweet song I know is "Fox on the Run." Which is Awesome.



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