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Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Memorial

After my post on Arnold Drake's passing, a friend e-mailed me to inform me of the death of another cool, crazy fun guy: moviemaker (not "filmmaker") Andy Sidaris. His works were perhaps the ultimate "guy movies": Gorgeous women in bikinis (or usually less), guns a-plenty, and LOTS of explosions. Yes, they were pure exploitation, and never pretended to be anything else...but you could tell that everyone involved was having a good time. (And for all the flesh on display, Sidaris' heroines were always presented as capable, competent agents.) I kind of lost interest in the Sidaris series after the Dona Spier/Roberta Vasquez team was phased out (let's face it, Roberta Vasquez was the hotness), and hadn't thought about his movies in a long time, but those happy adolescent-minded memories just came flooding back.

If it's cheesy to pay tribute to the man using the format of a recently-revived meme, then so be's just meant in the spirit of fun, and I got the impression that fun was something he always appreciated. So, always remember:



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