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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

RIP Arnold Drake

We've lost another of the under-appreciated greats of the comics industry: Arnold Drake died yesterday morning at the age of 83. I can't think of much to say that hasn't already been said brilliantly in Mark Evanier's memorial bio-piece or Chris Sims' appreciation of The Doom Patrol (my favorite of Drake's books...and indeed, my favorite super-hero team ever). Drake's creative ideas and wacky, clever dialogue continue to blow my mind.

In addition to his comics work, Drake also enthralled me with his 1964 horror movie "The Flesh Eaters" was practically a Doom Patrol story without the Doom Patrol (but with a hip-talking beatnik named Omar, which is almost as good). Savor the trailer (after sitting through the host's intro):

(You might want to stop the clip after the "Flesh Eaters" trailer ends...the host's "Hot Zombie Action" countdown afterwards is Not Safe For Work. Use your own judgment.)

I really wish the Drake-scripted thriller "Who Killed Teddy Bear?" was available on DVD...can you imagine that trademark Arnold Drake dialogue in the hands of Sal Mineo, Juliet Prowse, and Elaine Stritch?

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