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Sunday, December 07, 2008

That Aquaman Has Some Mouth on Him

Last night, I caught the opening night of Chick & Boozy's Holiday Cruise, the midnight holiday show at Dad's Garage Theatre, featuring the return of Chick Starley (washed-up '70s action star) and Boozy the Imp (boozy imp).

The premise (as much as this cavalcade of chaos can be said to have a premise) is that we, the audience, are viewing Chick & Boozy's variety show on the cruise ship USS Tooter II, as our hosts bring us a motley assortment of acts. As a self-professed comic geek, the highlight for me was the presentation of Aquaman as an obscenity-spewing stand-up comic. Arthur, I never knew you had it in you...
There will be two more performances in the coming weeks (Dec. 13 and 20), and each one will be a little different, though I assume the basic acts will be more or less the same. In addition to the comedy stylings of Aquaman, other standout bits include the astounding magic act of Johnny Toast and his Lovely Assistant Eve (rockin' the Zatanna look), an audience-participation round of Match Game, a nauseating holiday recipe from Paula Dean, and Mike Schatz (of Aqua Teen Hunger Force) doing a musical number as John Denver, back from the dead to share an unspeakably filthy song.
Not for the faint-hearted or easily offended (as you might have guessed), but the laughs keep coming and the alcohol flows like eggnog.

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