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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Killing 'Em Softly with These Songs

Starting on September 7, Dad's Garage will be bringing back their "Murder, She Improvised" format (improvised murder mysteries solved by Scotland Yard's greatest detective, Sir John Holmes). I'm putting together a CD of songs for the pre-show and intermission music...compiling songs of MURDER.

I haven't burned the CD yet, but here are some of the tunes I'm considering:

"The Future" by Leonard Cohen ("I've seen the future, brother, it is murder")
"Dire Wolf" by The Grateful Dead.
"Murder by Numbers" by The Police.
"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by The Beatles.
"The Wedding List" by Kate Bush.
"Murder Incorporated" by Bruce Springsteen.
"Delilah" by Tom Jones.
"One More Murder" by Better Than Ezra.
"Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield.
"Stagger Lee" by Lloyd Price.
"Where the Wild Roses Grow" by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.
"Henry Lee" by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.
"Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads.
"Psycho"; either the Teddy Thompson or the Elvis Costello version. (YouTube doesn't appear to have either version online.)
"Killer Queen" by Queen.
"Murder in the Graveyard" by Screaming Lord Sutch. (The YouTube link is another band, The Savages, doing a cover version.)
"Jack the Ripper" by Screaming Lord Sutch.
"To Keep My Love Alive" from the musical "A Connecticut Yankee" (I've got a track of Sophia Loren singing this one).
"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" by Vicki Lawrence.
"Death of Zorba" by The Jody Grind. (No YouTube video, sorry.)

I'd just like to get some feedback on this list. Does anyone have any other suggestions for "Songs of Murder" that I've overlooked?

Also, I'd like to avoid duplication, so I'm probably only going to use one of the Nick Cave duets and one Screaming Lord Sutch song. For SLS, I would have to go with "Murder in the Graveyard" (just for that 'Murder! MURDER! MUR-DER!!!' intro). As for the Nick Cave songs, which one do you think I should use?

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At 10:44 PM, Blogger rp said...

I would keep "Where The Wild Roses Grow" and add Sufjan Stevens' "John Wayne Gacy, Jr."

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

I was just about to suggest Elvis Costello's Psycho, and then I noticed you had it. Didn't see it right away without the link...

Damn, we need some Jody Grind on the YouTube. Please, someone get cracking on that.

-Chris K


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