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Thursday, November 30, 2006

This week's theater & comics observations

Went to see The Doug Dank Project last night, with guest monologuist Kim Wall, and it was outstanding! I missed Kim's first Doug Dank show a few months ago, and now that I've seen her energetic stage presence, I really regret that. Now I have to rent "Sleepaway Camp III" and the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie...and that's a statement I never thought I'd make!

I also picked up my comics (and browsed through a few more) from both this week and last, and just wanted to share a few comments:

I once had an idea for a character: A mutant whose power was an artistic equivalent to Taskmaster's. After seeing an example of another artist's work, he would instinctively be able to duplicate that artist's style and technique (at least as it existed at the time of that particular artwork--for example, if the only Barry Windsor-Smith art he'd ever seen had been X-Men #53, his Windsor-Smith technique would be a perfect pastiche of a pale Kirby imitation). I never really did anything with this idea, but I mention it because I've concluded that there are, in fact, two mutants out there with this ability: J.H. Williams III (7 Soldiers) and Stuart Immonen (Nextwave). I mean, I had to keep checking the credits on those books to make sure they weren't the work of a bevy of guest artists.

Punisher: War Journal #1: Well-executed, but not really my thing. The Stilt-Man scene has been discussed elsewhere (I wish I could remember which blog had the post I wanted to link to), but I'm more intrigued by the fact that, according to Stilt-Man's Wikipedia entry, this was actually Stilt-Man II, Wilbur Day having finally wised up and given up the gig during Bendis' Daredevil run. Which means that somebody ELSE actually thought that being Stilt-Man was a good idea. Poor Stilt-Man...he didn't know when he was beaten. He didn't know when he was winning, either. He had no sort of sensory apparatus known to man.

Oh, and one more thing...Frank? NOBODY does that to the Tinkerer and gets away with it. (And by "gets away with it," I mean "appeals to me as a character.")

Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1: Remind me never to get in the way of a pissed-off G'Nort.

52 #30: I've generally been more focused on following the series than trying to figure out which of the co-writers was responsible for which parts...but I've just got to say, this re-interpretation of the Ten-Eyed Man has got Morrison's stamp all over it.

What If?: Wolverine: Enemy of the State: Okay, this was all kinds of bad, but I just wanted to mention one thing. Remember what I said about the Tinkerer? Well, that goes double for Susan Richards. NOBODY does that to Sue, even in a What If.


At 9:20 PM, Blogger Tom Foss said...

The Sleepaway Camp series is fantastic, even if they emphasize the Camp as the series wanes on.

But if you haven't seen any of them, start with the first one. It's a classic, and a damn good slasher at that. Just tie a little string around your finger to help you remember.


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