Fish-Flavored Baseball Bat

It's a John Cleese reference.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Obscure Thanksgiving Post

After finishing off all that turkey, I got to thinking of another Thanksgiving/turkey-related topic I should post, this one considerably more obscure.

Does anyone remember a show from Nickelodeon in the 1980s called "Turkey Television"? It was a comedy-clip show, with some original sketches (by some of the cast and writers of "You Can't Do That on Television"), but mostly filled with footage from other programs and filmed stand-up acts (including a pre-fame Dana Carvey doing his "Chopping Broccoli" song). The theme song told a story of how a turkey had to come up with something to distract the pilgrims, and devised the ultimate distraction: television. I can still remember the theme song's chorus (to the tune of "I'm My Own Grandpa"):

"That's how a turkey created TV,
Yes, a turkey created TV,
It sounds funny, but oh,
Take one look and you'll know
That a turkey created TV."

One other clip that stuck in my mind: Footage of John Cleese (in a non-Python show which I assume must be "To Norway, Home of Giants") presenting a singularly unappetizing guide to Scandinavian cuisine, including one dish which he described as "a delicately fish-flavored baseball bat." (That's right, that's where I got the title. Now you know...and knowing is damn sassy!)


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