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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Out-of-Context Improv Lines #1

I just got back from volunteering at a TheatreSports improv show at Dad's Garage Theatre, and I was suddenly struck with an idea for a new feature for the blog. Every weekend, I'll try to post some of my favorite lines from the various improv sketches I've seen that week...with no explanation as to what the scene was about. Let your imaginations run wild as to what prompted these lines:

"Not everything is a conspiracy of monsters...or women."

"Everyone in my village was destroyed except me. I was wearing safety goggles."

"Once again, the villain is defeated with a simple 'No means no.'"

"What say we get on the #58 bus and make it squeak?"

"They still haven't pulled all the bodies from the sea of balls."

"Everything was all right until Tom Hanks became an undead zombie."


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