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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get Away from the Dynamite! It's Gonna Blow!

Saturday night, I went to the first show of Chick & Boozy Holiday Cruise, this year's edition of the more-or-less annual holiday extravaganza from Dad's Garage starring Chick Starley (star of Danger Cop, Danger Cop II, and Danger Cop 4: Gross Miscalculation) and Boozy the Imp (magical, whimsical imp from the 9th dimension).

As usual for Chick & Boozy, it was a hilarious, uncontrolled show, guaranteed to delight, amuse, and make you really uncomfortable. There will be two more shows (Dec. 15 and 22 at midnight), and they'll be different each time, with special surprise guests. The first show featured appearances by Rip Taylor and the late Jerry Clower...however, since Travis Sharp is going back home, they won't be making a return appearance in the remaining shows. As for the other celebrity guests (Ricardo Montalban, Bobcat Goldthwait, the ghost of Don Knotts, and the Vagina Power woman)--well, some may be back, or they might not. You never know with Chick & Boozy!
For those of you not in the Atlanta area who can't come to the show, enjoy the trailer for Danger Cop 4: Gross Miscalculation.

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