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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

10 Things I Learned from Comics This Year

Inspired by Melashaan (and thanks to Kalinara for pointing it out), here are ten things I learned from comics in 2007.

1. The kitchen is a dangerous place.

2. It is possible to continue a series after the death of the title character, with no drop in quality.

3. The Laughing Mask makes Frank Castle look like a softie.

4. "Special relationship" is a completely innocuous phrase, with no coded meaning whatsoever...right?

5. Nobody likes pomegranate margaritas.

6. You can kill a shape-changing alien by breaking its neck.

7. You can't kill a shape-changing alien by breaking its neck.

8. When you're shackled to somebody else and you're both running for your lives, the most important thing is to constantly comment on the other person's sexuality.

9. Speedball, Mary Marvel, and Plastic Man should not be "dark."

10. Tony Stark is a dick.



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