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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A bit more about me...

As you may have guessed from the assortment of links to the right, my primary interests are comics, film, and theatre...and I'm especially jazzed whenever any two of those media intersect.

Most of my theatrical activity takes place at Dad's Garage Theatre, though I've also been involved (whether as an audience member or a participant) in numerous other theatres in the Atlanta area. I've mostly worked behind-the-scenes (helping out in whatever capacity I can, from manning the concessions counter to writing recaps of their improvised soap-opera "Scandal!"), but have taken some improv courses and done a bit of performing and stage writing. I've written some bits for their now-defunct sketch comedy show "Free Parking," and once co-wrote a piece for a "24-Hour Plays" festival. (The writers get together and are randomly paired up, then stay up all night collaborating on original short plays; the directors and actors come in the next morning, then spend all day preparing for the evening's performance, just 24 hours after the writers get together. As you might guess, it's quite a challenge...)

Next post: A bit more on comics/theatre connections...


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