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Friday, June 24, 2011

Farewell to a Master

I've just heard the sad news that Gene Colan has passed away. I was a great admirer of his consistently wonderful artwork, from Daredevil to Tomb of Dracula to Howard the Duck. His work was striking, dynamic, bold...I could easily run out of superlatives to praise him.

One element of his work that always impressed me was that he was a master of faces. Consider Tomb of Dracula...a book that amassed an enormous cast of characters over its run, mainly because most of them were killed off almost as soon as they were introduced. But Colan never drew "stock characters"...he devoted as much care to making Dracula's "victim-of-the-month" a distinctive individual as he did to dilineating the series' regular cast.

Rest in peace, Gene Colan. Now, I'm going to reread some old Daredevils...

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