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Monday, May 04, 2009

One Thing That Bugs Me About Superboy-Prime...

Okay, there are many things that bug me about Superboy-Prime, but I'll just focus on one. It's this whole "magic doesn't affect me" business. Apparently, the reasoning is that he would only be vulnerable to Earth-Prime magic...but since Earth-Prime didn't have magic, that takes care of that. It seems to me that it should be just the opposite...if there was no magic in his home universe, he should be even more vulnerable to it, as it's completely foreign to his system. Sort of like a visitor to a foreign land, he has no immunity to the environmental factors that the locals have adapted to.

If Vertigo could still interact with the DC universe, I'd love to see John Constantine take the piss out of Superboy-Prime: "Of course magic hurts you. That's why it's magic."

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At 5:55 PM, Blogger WhiteUnicorn said...

Oh my gosh...EXACTLY!
How can both Superman and Superboy-Prime both suddenly shrug off Mordru's attacks so easily when this is the dude that could take down galaxies?
Not cool.

Also, since when is magic some sort of finite pool? Why is the White Witch "drained"?


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